FDC E6) Positivity/ Optimism (Kopie)

FDC E6) Positivity/ Optimism (Kopie)
The self-management level is of enormous importance for a global leader with a global mindset. This is about which strategies the manager uses to cope psychologically with the task. Of course, this includes self-confidence about one’s strengths and weaknesses. But also your self-reflection is essential to continue growing as a person and to know how someone works interculturally and how the behavior influences other employees or subordinates. For this, someone must also be able to criticize and should draw energy from it to improve. This also means the ability to self-regulate in the event of a conflict and to strike a balance between work and private life. The manager’s question should be answered. How do I appear to others? What self-concept do I have? What can I expect to achieve and implement? Do I have a positive impact on others?

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